Autoimmune Protocol/Paleo (AIP) Resources

AIP can be a huge undertaking. Thankfully, there are some great resources available both locally and on the internet! Here is a collection of some of those resources to help you get off to the best start on your AIP journey. 

Stuck on the Autoimmune Diet

But First!

Are you feeling STUCK on AIP?

The autoimmune protocol is a powerful tool to healing, but in my opinion, it is not supposed to be a long-term diet. If at any point you feel stuck on the autoimmune diet (i.e. you flare every time you look crosseyed at a seed or a grain) it is important to get help and strategize a way off of it. Much of this has to do with healing and balancing both the microbiome and the immune system using diet (duh), supplements, and herbs.

For more on this topic, read here:

Two great starting articles:

  1. From Chris Kresser's site

  2. The Paleo Mom


Optimizing nutrient intake is key. Yes, it's hard to eat anything genuinely unhealthy on AIP, but it's still worth paying extra attention to nutrient density while on this diet. Seafood, organ meats and gelatin are three things that are often overlooked but can add a lot of nutrients to your diet that will help your body heal.


Reintroducing foods carefully and systematically is also very important. AIP isn't necessarily something you have to stay on for the rest of your life- the goal should be to use it as a starting template and slowly "test" things to find your best diet. Once patients get to this point I ask them to make a "wish list" that we can discuss. I help them determine what foods are highest risk of causing an adverse reaction, what foods aren't safe to test, what sort of reactions we need to watch for, and a reasonable timeline for reintroducing multiple foods. This part can't be done willy-nilly!


Non-food items can be tremendously important to eliminate on AIP. In her article, the Paleo Mom mentions NSAIDs, for example. Remember, this isn't just a diet- it's a complete diet and life overhaul!


Printout guides to make life easier:


AIP cookbooks:


Recipe websites:



Local (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill NC) resources:

Paleo in the Triangle Facebook Group. The group isn't all AIP, but I'm sure there are some people there who are familiar with AIP. If you want to suggest starting a regular AIP meeting, I'm sure the organizer Donna would be happy to talk about setting that up.

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