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What to Expect

  1. Book a complimentary welcome call (calendar link below) to see if we'll make a rad team

  2. Preparing for your first appointment

    1. Schedule your first appointment

    2. Fill out all necessary paperwork

    3. Upload previous test results

    4. Upload a food diary

    5. Submit payment for your first two appointments.

  3. First Appointment (90-120 min)​​

    1. Health History​

    2. Physical Exam

    3. Goal setting and expectations

    4. Order all necessary testing

  4. Second Appointment (75-90 min)

    1. Review any changes since your first appointment​

    2. Review your test results, what they mean, and what we are going to do about each

    3. Discuss Dr. DiNezza's working hypothesis for how you got to where you are, what needs to happen to get you feeling better, and when you can expect to see progress

    4. Discuss your treatment plan, sign paperwork, submit payment, and schedule your next appointment

  5. Move forward with your care plan

Care Programs: What's Included

☆ An in-depth, integrative approach

☆ Your appointments with Dr. DiNezza

☆ Unlimited texting with Dr. DiNezza

    - Monday through Friday 8-6

   < 24 business hour reply

☆ HIPAA-Secure portal access and messaging

☆ Your personalized supplement and herb program

☆ Supplements, herbs, and vitamins

☆ PDF Handouts and guides

☆ Lab result interpretation and notes

☆ Audio recordings for all appointments

First and Second Appointment


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Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical FAQ:

Q. "Does Dr. DiNezz have experience working with people like me?"

A. Dr. DiNezza is particularly well-versed in gut or stomach-based concerns (IBS, SIBO, IBD, leaky gut, bloating, constipation, food intolerances, candida overgrowth, dysbiosis, reflux). She also has extensive experience helping people with autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions, and thyroid disorders. For a semi-exhaustive list of things Dr. DiNezza has experience with, please visit the "Can Dr. D Help You?" tab of our website.

Q. "Can we work together remotely?"

A. Yes! Dr. DiNezza is able to hold appointments via phone or Skype for patients outside of North Carolina. The only significant differences to note are:

  • Some states like NY, RI, and MD make it difficult or impossible for us to order labs or bloodwork for you. There are ways to work around this, but it takes more effort.

  • We are generally unable to bill labs through your insurance if you live in another state.

  • Dr. DiNezza is unable to conduct a physical exam if you are not here in person. As such, she may ask you to make appointments with local doctors if the need arises.

Q: "Do you think there's one good/ideal diet that everyone should follow?"

A: "No. I think there are templates that offer a great starting-point (great book), but there is no perfect human diet. 

I work extensively with people who are on a low FODMAP diet, Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet, low histamine diet, or low oxalate diet. However, my goal is almost alway to help people tolerate these foods again, rather than encouraging them to remain on these diets. In my experience, most people should be able to eat FODMAPs, histamine-containing foods, and most gluten-free grains as long as their underlying "root causes" are addressed appropriately and completely.

Other therapeutic diets I frequently prescribe or draw from include the Paleo diet, a Paleo-Mediterranian hybrid, plant-based diets, a modified candida diet, the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD), low mold diet, the ketogenic diet ("keto"), low-sulfur diet, and allergen avoidance diets (gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, corn-free, soy-free)."

-Dr. D

Financial FAQ:

Q: "Can I pay as I go after the first two appointments?"

A: Yes, you have three choices after our second appointment:

  1. Pre-pay for services and receive 10% off all appointment fees

  2. Pay in two installments and receive 5% off all appointment fees

  3. Pay as you go

Q. "How much can expect to invest if I choose to pre-pay?"

A. This depends highly on the individual case. The duration and cost of your care program will depend on the nature of your health complaint(s) (how long you've been unwell, the severity of your symptoms), test results, and physical exam.


If you fill out the form below we will send you our most up-to-date financial FAQ sheet and estimates.

Q. "Do you accept Care Credit?"

A. We work with Advance Care Card, which we have found to be better than CC. Advance Care offers interest-free financing for 6 or 14 months (depending on your credit). At this time we do not accept Care Credit, but if this is important to you we can look into it.

Q. "Is this the sort of thing medical insurance can cover?"

A. We are unable to bill your insurance directly for appointments at Infinity Holistic Healthcare. We are, however, able to generate "superbills" for you, which you can submit to your insurance company in hopes of reimbursement. Reimbursement varies- some people are reimbursed for 100% of their appointment fees and others are not. You can call your insurance company and ask about coverage for CPT codes (available in the PDF linked below) to get a rough idea of your plan's coverage.


Additionally, we are able to order many tests through Labcorp or Quest which can usually be billed through insurance and we are able to take HSA and FSA cards as payment.

Q: "How much will labs cost?"

A: This depends on a few factors. Most importantly, this depends on the complexity and severity of your health concern(s) and the quality of your insurance plan. With decent insurance (PPOs) you can expect to invest between $200-$700 for initial testing and a much smaller amount on repeat testing. If your insurance is particularly sub-par (high deductible plans, HMOs) you can expect to invest a bit more.

Q: "Is lab testing necessary for a successful outcome?"

A: Yes! Labs are a vital part of this process. We use lab testing to uncover hidden malfunctions, discover healing opportunities, and get to the root cause of your health issues.

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