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Lab Interpretation

Do you feel a little like Charlie trying to figure out your labs?

Or perhaps you'd like a second opinion before proceeding with a treatment plan with your current doctor or nutritionist?

Dr. DiNezza is available for test interpretation guidance and/or a second opinion. Please note, this is only for Functional Medicine tests and stool tests such as those listed below. Dr. DiNezza does not consult or give second opinions on other medical tests or films. If you are a physician and are interested in mentoring or discussing functional lab tests, please click here.

​Please submit all inquiries to and Dr. DiNezza will get back to you with an estimate as well as instructions for securely submitting your results. Please do not include HIPAA-sensitive information or test results in this initial email inquiry.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Email subject: Test Interpretation Inquiry

  • Which tests you would like Dr. D's help with. Please include the name of the company and the name of the test (ex. "Genova GI Effects" rather than just "stool test").

  • How you'd like to receive Dr. DiNezza's impressions:

    • A written report/notes​

    • A phone call

    • Both of the above

This service is billed at Dr. DiNezza's hourly rate. The cost of this service is dependant on the following factors: type of test(s) to be analyzed, the number of tests submitted, and the format you wish to receive the results in (phone call, written report, or both).


This service is available for the following tests:

  • Stool tests such as:

    • UBiome​

    • Thryve

    • GI Effects (Genova)

    • Doctor's Data

    • GI Map

  • Food sensitivity tests (all)

  • Other gut health tests such as:

    • Leaky gut tests​

    • Intestinal barrier assessment (Dunwoody)

    • SIBO breath tests

    • Candida tests

      • Including the Organic Acids Test (OAT)​

    • H pylori tests

    • Parasite tests

    • IBS Smart or similar

  • Hormone tests such as:

    • Thyroid tests (all)​

    • DUTCH hormone panels

    • Adrenal tests

  • Cyrex Tests (all)

  • Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and other viral tests

  • Nutrient tests such as:

    • NutrEval​

    • Organix

    • Organic Acids Test

    • Spectracell

For all other "Functional" or naturopathic tests, please inquire via email

and Dr. DiNezza will let you know if she thinks she'll be able to help you.