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"Dr. DiNezza helped me regain my health and life back!
For years I have been plagued with 
stomach issues and through her consultations and blood tests she was able to narrow down my issues. We suspected gluten, but through blood tests she was specifically able to pin it down to a few other things. Many gluten free flours and breads contain ingredients that I was sensitive to and now I know what they are! There is life without all the breads and pastas. I haven't felt this good in years! Thank you, Dr. Nicole!"

- Barb G.


"I highly recommend Dr. DiNezza to anyone seeking better health. I am a Registered Nurse who appreciates the importance of an holistic, integrated approach to health and wellness. While I understand the importance of conventional medicine, I've also experienced its frustrations: the rushed 15 minute office visit where "your lab work is fine therefore you're fine" despite not feeling well, the "just wait until it gets worse and then start take these pills" regardless of the root cause, etc.. So, from the very beginning, several things I've greatly appreciated about Dr. DiNezza is that she will sit down and really listen to you. Every detail. And talk with you. For a full hour! She'll run tests to get to the root cause, and develop a multifaceted treatment plan that views each patient as an integrated person rather than a single disease.


Personally, Dr. DiNezza has helped me on my journey to balance my wacky hormones. With Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and a TSH of 4.49, I struggled with fatigue and other symptoms of low thyroid. However, since anything below 4.50 is considered "normal" by conventional standards, I had a hard time finding someone who would treat me despite my symptoms. In addition, I had signs of PCOS (My testosterone, FSH, LH, estrogen, and progesterone hormones were also out of wack. No fun!). Over the course of working with Dr. DiNezza (running tests, being encouraged and supported in my dietary changes, and being introduced to effective supplements I hadn't known about), I'm thrilled to say my TSH is now down to 1.69, my symptoms have improved, and my other PCOS-related female hormone levels are improving as well. I am so grateful for the role Dr. DiNezza has played in getting me back on track and I am excited to see what further improvement the future holds.


Dr. DiNezza feels more like my partner in "health-hacking" (as I like to call my health-improvement tinkering) than my "doctor", and I love that. She respects my input but knows vastly more than I do and is an excellent resource. She is intelligent and personable and I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to work toward better health!"

- Sarah S.

Dr. DiNezza hit "the nail on the head" with all of the stomach issues I have been having for years! Just in our first conversation, she thought it was SIBO and she was correct. After testing and getting the right combination of supplements, I began to feel better within weeks. Now after 2 months, my stomach feels better than it has in years. Not only is she knowledgeable, she is so personable and I always enjoyed our time together. I highly recommend her.

- Suzanne S.

"I highly recommend Dr. DiNezza. After being diagnosed with breast cancer last year and having surgery, and also being diagnosed with osteoporosis, I did a fair amount of research about nutrition and natural healing, and made some changes to my diet and lifestyle. I was still uneasy about my conditions.  I decided to go see Dr. DiNezza and have her evaluate if there were further changes that I could make to both prevent reoccurrence of the breast cancer, and also promote healing of the osteoporosis. She did quite a bit of testing, and was very thorough when she explained the results to me.


Unlike most MDs, she took her time with me, making sure I understood what the tests showed,which I greatly appreciated. Also unlike medical doctors, who only ever recommended harsh drugs that would do who knows what damage to the  body while treating the symptoms, she also was able to make some further suggestions for my diet, and also  recommend some good supplements, that would actually address the causes of the conditions I have. She is professional, knowledgeable, and caring. You could only benefit from seeing her!"

- Shelley S.

"I went to see Dr. DiNezza because my neck went out while I was on travel. Instead of just assessing my neck, she also assessed my total body and brain function. This was a fantastic bonus because (unbeknownst to me) my pelvis was out of alignment, too. I like that she takes a holistic approach to wellness offering functional medicine and nutritional options that help keep busy people like me going!"

- Danielle W.

"I visited Dr. Dinezza after experiencing immobility, tightness, and tingling sensations in my left wrist, elbow, and shoulder. A few weeks earlier, I had been working out with my personal trainer and sustained an injury that had become persistent and very uncomfortable, rendering me incapable of continuing my training . After a thorough consultation with Dr. Dinezza, she quickly and accurately pinpointed my problem areas and adjusted me. I felt immediate relief after the adjustment and was able to return to training within a few days! Thanks, Dr. Dinezza!"

- Sarah B.

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